5 Best Cockapoo Breeders in British Columbia! (2022) - We Love Doodles (2023)

5 Best Cockapoo Breeders in British Columbia! (2022) - We Love Doodles (1)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for the best Cockapoo breeders in British Columbia. The Cockapoo designer dog is one of the oldest hybrids ever as it dates back to the 1960s. The intelligent, family affectionate, and playful Cockapoo is derived from crossing an intelligent Poodle and the gentle bubbling Cocker Spaniel.

Cockapoos are generally highly trainable, great with kids, and come with a hypoallergenic coat type that makes them suitable for people with dog allergies. The adorable Cockapoo is a small breed with a huge personality, ideal for people who don’t like big dog breeds.

Their life expectancy is between 12 to 15 years old, and they are usually about 10 to 15 inches tall and weigh from 6 to 19 pounds. This article highlights a list of the best Cockapoo breeders in British Columbia.

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Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in British Columbia

5 Best Cockapoo Breeders in British Columbia! (2022) - We Love Doodles (2)

Choosing the Cockapoo for your new family addition is ideal because they make one-of-a-kind. However, nothing beats a healthy pet that is well-bred, well-socialized, and blends well into its new family. The following breeders are committed and intentional about their breeding plans the health and quality of all their dogs.

Cockapoo Guides: How Much Does a Cockapoo Cost and Types of Cockapoo Colors.

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1. Snowywhite Doodles5 Best Cockapoo Breeders in British Columbia! (2022) - We Love Doodles (3)

Snowywhite Doodles is a small breeding program established 15 years ago on Vancouver Island, Campbell River, British Columbia. Snowywhite breeds for awesome temperament, sound health, and conformation in all of their dogs. They specialize in breeding healthy and premium Doodles, including the outgoing Cockapoos.

Snowywhite’s close to 2-decade experiences inbreeding is a plus to their internationally planned breeding program following high standards. Their breeding studs are chosen from the best lines and screened for great looks and health before crossing for the best litter possible.

All Snowywhite’ Cockapoo’s puppies are whelped and raised among family members and other pets for good socialization and easy blending into their new home. Snowywhite Doodles’ dogs don’t leave for their forever homes until after eight weeks old and are dewormed, vaccinated, and vet checked.

Snowy cares about their dogs as they are significant to them; they will only be places with committed families. Also, they offer lifetime support to all their clients as they care about their physical health and their forever well-being.

Snowywhite Doodles’ adoption process is straightforward and transparent, with lots of helpful information to help with smooth transitioning. Contact Snowywhite Doodles’ website today for more information about their upcoming Cockapoo litter.

Snowywhite Doodles Details

2. Echo Hills Ranch5 Best Cockapoo Breeders in British Columbia! (2022) - We Love Doodles (4)

Echo Hills Ranch is renowned for breeding healthy, family-friendly designer puppies, including the playful and loyal Cockapoo. They are a small, responsible, trusted breeding program located in Rice, Washington, a few miles drive to the British Columbia border.

Their climate-controlled kennel is a modern facility built on 7 acres of fenced property with lots of space for their dogs to play. The passion and commitment to all the dogs at Echos Hills are reflected in their handling and planning of their breeding program.

Echo Hills does not take their puppies’ health for granted; hence, all parent breeds are genetically tested to clear all concerns of inheritable diseases. Echo’s puppies are whelped and raised in an interactive and loving environment with lots of stimulation and socialization.

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Echo Hills’ puppies join their new families after deworming, vet-checked, updated on all age-appropriate shots, received treatments for flea/heartworm, and microchipped. You are guaranteed the healthiest top-premium Cockapoo puppies at the Echo Hills.

Echo’s dogs are very precious to them, so they only look to love forever families. Adopting a puppy from Echo Hills Ranch means getting a low to non-shedding designer puppy with no hidden health concerns and hassle-free transitioning. Contact them today by simply visiting their website to fill out the puppy form to get on their waitlist.

Echo Hills Ranch Details

  • Address: 3504 Breckenridge Rd, Rice, Washington
  • Tel: (509) 738-6792
  • Email: [emailprotected]
  • Website:Echo Hills Ranch

3. Bakers Spaniel5 Best Cockapoo Breeders in British Columbia! (2022) - We Love Doodles (5)

Brandie is the reputable and trusted breeder and brain behind the Bakers Spaniel in Burns Lake, British Columbia. Bakers Spaniel is renowned for producing healthy top-premium Cockapoos, and reviews from clients reflect their good works.

Their goal is to strive daily to provide their clients with the healthiest and most adorable Cockapoos possible. Bakers Spaniel is very particular about the health of their dogs; therefore, their parent studs are carefully selected and screened before mating.

Their puppies are whelped and raised in their warm, loving home with many comforts, safety, and socialization. All Bakers dogs are a significant part of their family; hence, prospective clients are screened before their dogs are placed with them.

All Bakers Spaniel’s dogs leave for their new homes vet checked, dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and are covered with a health guarantee. Please note that Brandie will want their dogs to return to them when a client can no longer keep them.

Their adoption process is so easy and transparent, with the following documents accompanying your puppy:

  • Vet and health records
  • A microchip that will be activated after spayed/neutered
  • Cockapoos ACC registration
  • Parents’ information
  • Tips on care and training your puppy
  • Spay/neuter contract
  • Health guarantee
  • Lifelong breeder Support

Bakers Spaniel Details

  • Address: 7320 Tintagel Road, Burns Lake, British Columbia,
  • Tel: (250) 692-6481
  • Email: [emailprotected]
  • Website:Bakers Spaniel

4. Bright Start Puppies5 Best Cockapoo Breeders in British Columbia! (2022) - We Love Doodles (6)

Bright Start Puppies is a reputable small home-based breeder program located in Prince Edward Island, about 3 miles from British Columbia, Canada. They are renowned for breeding adorable multi-gen Goldendoodle puppies, Mini Aussiedoodle puppies, and Cockapoo puppies.

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Bright Start started breeding in 2008, and in 2011 they bred the Cockapoo for the first time and ever since been in love with this cute designer dog. Bright Start’s goal is to breed healthy, people-oriented, family affectionate, and children-loving puppies that will thrive as the best companion.

Their decades of expertise and experiences are reflected in their-well planned breeding programs, with excellence at the heart of their planning. All Bright’s parent dogs are given quality vet care and are screened for health and temperament before crossing.

All Bright Start puppies are born and raised in their loving home, handled daily, and given lots of attention and love by their family members. Their dogs have never been kenneled, and they are a significant part of their family where they live and play around on their mini-farm.

Bright Start’s puppies are well nurtured and cherished and will only place with loving and responsible families. All Bright Start puppies are not ready to join their new families until after eight weeks and are dewormed, vaccinated, and vet checked.

Their adoption process is hassle-free and transparent, as prospective clients can easily visit their website to fill out puppy forms. Prices of puppies at the Bright Start Puppies differ depending on the dog up for adoption; however, the following is included in the price.

  • Healthy and adorable puppy
  • Gift bag with some freebies
  • Blanket
  • First shots of vaccination and deworming
  • Certificate of health
  • One year genetic health guarantee
  • Trupanion health insurance, free for a year

Bright Start Puppies Details

5. Christian Doodles5 Best Cockapoo Breeders in British Columbia! (2022) - We Love Doodles (7)

Last on the list of the best Cockapoo breeders in British Columbia is “Christian Doodles.” Christian Doodles is a trusted and dedicated breeding program located in Camrose, Alberta, and services places like British Columbia, Calgary, Vancouver, etc.

They have been breeding quality dogs since 2004 and have remained dedicated and intentional about the health and quality of all their dogs. Their goal is to put their best in breeding well-tempered and healthy Cockapoos that makes amazing pet.

Their commitment and expertise are reflected in their well-planned breeding program to breed the most adorable puppies possible. Christian Doodles Cockapoos are from registered purebred Miniature Poodles and registered purebred American Cocker Spaniels.

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All parents are chosen from fine bloodlines and are genetically tested and cleared before crossing. Christian’s entire puppies are whelped and raised in their warm home, where they are nourished and loved till they leave for their new homes.

Their Cockapoo puppies are not ready to go to their forever homes until 8 to 9 weeks old and are dewormed, vet checked, and vaccinated. They also come with a 1-year health guarantee to clear concerns of inheritable diseases. It is good to note that the prices of Christian’s Cockapoos differ from $2,800.00 to $3,200 plus GST depending on coat colors as they come in different colors.

Also, their adoption process is straightforward and headache-free, with experienced hands to help with transitioning. You are welcome to visit Christian Doodles’ website for more information or fill out an adoption form to get on the waitlist for their upcoming litter.

Christian Doodles Cockapoos leave for their new homes with the following:

  • Proof of immunizations
  • Certificate of Health
  • Several deworming
  • One-year Health Guarantee
  • Microchip implant
  • Mandatory spay/neuter contract
  • A full spa treatment

Christian Doodles Details

Conclusion For The “Best Cockapoo Breeders in British Columbia”

5 Best Cockapoo Breeders in British Columbia! (2022) - We Love Doodles (8)

The people-oriented and family affectionate Cockapoos undoubtedly make excellent companions if you want to get one. They are playful and will make a great friend to your kids, senior citizens, and other family pets.

Ethical breeders are deliberate about producing top-quality and healthy dogs, plus they offer transparent adoption processes. You can contact any of the above-listed Breeders in British Columbia for your new family addition.

For more guides similar to this list of Cockapoo breeders in British Columbia, you can check out:

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  • Best Cockapoo Breeders in Ottawa
  • Best Cockapoo Breeders in Alberta
  • Best Cockapoo Breeders in Pennsylvania

Before you bring home a Cockapoo from a breeder in British Columbia, you can learn more about the breed by watching “Cockapoo Dog Breed Guide” down below:


Where can I find a reputable cockapoo breeder? ›

Word of mouth and personal recommendations are a good place to start. Ask people you know who own them or you can use dog forums and ask on these too. Some vets may also know of local breeders. However, these are only recommendations based on personal preferences and should be used as part of your screening process.

Which cockapoo is best? ›

Conclusion: Best Cockapoo Generations

F1B Cockapoo (75% Poodle & 25% Cocker Spaniel) F2B Cockapoo (62.5% Poodle & 37.5% Cocker Spaniel) F1BB Cockapoo (87.5% Poodle & 12.5% Cocker Spaniel)

Which is best Cavapoo or cockapoo? ›

Both make excellent family pets and are gentle with little children as they have sweet personalities and a boundless supply of energy (a little like the kids). However, the cavapoo is more energetic and enjoys playing more than the cockapoo. Either way, they both make great companion dogs.

Is Sylml Cockapoo a puppy farm? ›

Hello and Welcome to Sylml Cockapoo & Cavapoo. (Council Higher Standard 5 Star Breeder) We have been breeding, showing and judging dogs for the last 40yrs. We live on a working farm, so all the dogs have acres to run and play and get to see all sorts of animals, including our horses.

What is the best Colour Cockapoo? ›

Black is a timeless colour that suits cockapoos like no other. Their black coats can either be shiny or dark matte black depending on the fur texture of the parent cocker spaniel. Black cockapoos often turn into a dark grey or gunmetal colour giving the dog a bluish hue.

What is the rarest Cockapoo color? ›

Merle Cockapoos are striking but the rarest color because of how difficult it is to breed a merle puppy without developing health problems. What is this? Only one parent dog can be merle. Two merle Cockapoos bred together, known as a double merle, will produce a dog born blind or deaf.

What are the 3 types of Cockapoos? ›

There are several different mixtures of crossing a Cockapoo, these are explained in the following: F1: A Cockapoo bred by crossing a poodle and a cocker spaniel. F2: Cockapoos bred with two F1 parents. F3: Cockapoos bred with two F2 parents.

Should I get an F1 or F2 Cockapoo? ›

None of the above 'F' prefixes or subsequent 'b' variants should be considered better than any other - it is purely down to personal preference and individual requirements. At present the majority of Cockapoos in this country are as a result of the first cross (F1).

What's the difference between F1 and F2 Cockapoos? ›

F1 means first cross. Parents are Spaniel/Poodle. F1b means one parent is a Cockapoo and the other parent is either a poodle or a spaniel. F2 means both parents are Cockapoos.

Who barks more Cavapoo or Cockapoo? ›

Like Cavapoos, the Cockapoo is endearing and loving. Many owners and breeders report that Cockapoos are comparatively much more vocal. This means more barking.

Which is calmer a Cavapoo or a goldendoodle? ›

Cavapoos-or cavoodles-are a little less energetic than Goldendoodles. As puppies, these sweet little dogs can be quite energetic, but they tend to mellow and calm down as they grow older.

Is it better to get a girl or boy Cavapoo? ›

Gender Related Health Differences

Luckily, gender doesn't play a huge role in the health of Cavapoos. What is this? Males and females both live for the same amount of time on average, and any health problems they do face are less about whether they are a male or female Cavapoo and more about their DNA and environment.

What should you pay for a Cockapoo puppy? ›

Although the price varies depending on the breeder, one can expect to pay between $900 and $2,500. Many factors influence the price, including the pedigree used for breeding, the puppy's coat type, color, and health screenings performed by the breeder, and if the puppy belongs to champion lineage, to name a few.

How do you know if a puppy is from a mill? ›

9 Signs That Your Dog Came From a Puppy Mill
  1. Puppies Are Unclean or Unhealthy. ...
  2. Puppies Aren't Vaccinated. ...
  3. Puppy Mill Owners Won't Meet You At Home. ...
  4. Puppy's Parents Aren't Present. ...
  5. Pet Store Puppies are Usually from Mills. ...
  6. Multiple Breeds are Available. ...
  7. Many Litters Can Be Found. ...
  8. Mill Puppies Have Behavior Issues.

Is a Cockapoo a smart dog? ›

Cockapoos are bred more for temperament than for appearance, and they tend to inherit the sweet, loving and friendly natures common with both parent breeds. They are highly intelligent, easy to train and also typically inherit the poodle's enthusiasm and tendency to be little jokers.

What is the average lifespan of a Cockapoo? ›

The average life expectancy of most dogs ranges between 10 and 13 years. Cockapoos, which are a cross between the cocker spaniel and the poodle, have a slightly above-average lifespan — generally, the life expectancy of a cockapoo is up to 12 to 15 years.

Can 2 Cockapoos breed? ›

When two Cockapoos are mated together they produce the next generation known as F2s. It is possible that a small number of the litter may have what is called the 'Grandad effect'.

What age do Cockapoos go curly? ›

As the puppy grows, its coats develop and change. As a result, some of the straightest hairs could end up curly after maturity. Some Cockapoos even experience coat changes at two years old! Usually, the dog's coat does not become straighter with time.

Do black Cockapoos turn grey? ›

BLACK. Some solid black Cockapoos can fade in colour due to the inherited 'Fading gene' from the Poodle parent. The degree of fade can vary, and doesn't always happen, but can result in the black fading to grey or silver.

Do Cockapoos get aggressive? ›

Overall, Cockapoos are friendly dogs. However, they can show signs of aggression, especially if they don't have experience being around many other people or animals. Furthermore, they may be aggressive out of love, believing that they're protecting you from your friends and family from out of town.

Are Cockapoos good first time dogs? ›

Cockapoos are generally very friendly and regarded as being good with children, making them a good family pet. They are known to thrive in a family home environment with plenty of attention, socialisation and training.

What problems do Cockapoo have? ›

Cockapoos are susceptible to the health problems of both the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle, although possibly at a lower rate than purebred dogs. These include many different eye disorders including cataracts and glaucoma, as well as painful defects of the hips and knees.

Is F1 or F2 dog better? ›

Is F1 or F2 Better? The F1 generation dogs are generally smaller in size, with some being more energetic than others. The F2 generation dogs on the other hand, tend to be larger in size and calmer by nature.

Are 2 Cockapoos better than 1? ›

Having a second Cockapoo means your dog will always have a playmate. Even though you adore your dog, there will be times when you must leave them at home alone, and Cockapoos can suffer from separation anxiety. A second Cockapoo in the house means your pet will never be lonely and that they will always have company.

Is there a big difference between F1 and F2? ›

The main difference between F1 and F2 is that the F2 teams don't build their own cars, unlike F1 teams. Formula 2 is a spec series which means all of the cars are the exact same.

Should I get F1 or F1b Cockapoo? ›

Should you get an F1 or F1b Cockapoo? That really shouldn't matter. They may look slightly different, but both are wonderful dogs please remember that these dogs are not purebred and if you are unsure what generation your cockapoo is, then any reputable breeder will let you know.

Which Cockapoo is best for allergies? ›

The F1b Cockapoo is about as hypoallergenic as you can get. The full benefit of being 75% Poodle and inheriting their ringlet wavy or curly coat.

How much exercise does a Cockapoo need a day? ›

Adult cockapoos have lots of energy and will need at least 30 minutes of exercise twice daily to stay healthy and stimulated. It's important to remember that puppies shouldn't be over exercised as their joints and bones are still growing.

Do Cockapoos ever calm down? ›

Most Cockapoos will begin slowing down after they turn two years old, but this is a breed that loves to please and will have energy throughout their adult life. After the age of seven, your not-so-little pup will begin to enter retirement from being a mischief maker, and start a slower pace of life.

Which dog is better a Cockapoo or a Maltipoo? ›

Both breeds are tiny in size and are considered some of the smallest designer cross-breeds. However, the Cockapoo is larger and sturdier than the Maltipoo. An adult Cockapoo ranges from 12-24 lbs and stands between 9 and 18 inches tall. Conversely, an adult Maltipoo can be between 5 and 20 lbs and 8 to 14 inches tall.

Do Cockapoos growl a lot? ›

A Cockapoo growling is entirely natural. In some cases, it may not even be a problem that you need to deal with. However, with anxiety growls, or even aggressive growls, it is a problem that you will need to deal with sooner as opposed to later. If you don't, the problem could very quickly get out of hand.

Which Doodle is the friendliest? ›


A mix of a Golden Retriever and a Miniature or Standard Poodle, this Doodle is generally friendly, outgoing, cheerful, affectionate and social — they are everyone's best friend.

What is the smartest Doodle dog? ›

Aussiedoodles, sheepadoodles, and other herding breeds are certainly in the running when it comes to most intelligent doodle.

What doodles are the calmest? ›

The calmest Doodle mixes are those that were created by crossing Poodles with very laid-back breeds.
For example:
  • The Maltipoo – a cross of Miniature or Toy Poodle and Maltese.
  • The Cavapoo: A mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Mini or Toy Poodle.
  • The Mini Bernedoodle – a cross of Bernese Mountain Dog and Mini Poodle.
30 May 2021

How long can a Cavapoo hold their pee? ›

In fact, you can expect to take your dog outside about every two hours until they're around eight months old. What is this? Once they reach the eight-month mark, they should be able to withstand up to six hours without having to go outside.

What gender dog is more calm? ›

Female dogs tend to be easier to housebreak, easier to train, and more connected with their owners—but in certain circumstances they can be more demanding of attention. Aggression can be a problem in any dog of any breed, however it is usually more apparent in non-neutered males.

Are male or female puppies calmer? ›

If you have several dogs or intend to add to your canine family, a male may be a better fit. Females tend to have more problems with anxiety and phobias. If your house is a loud and busy place with lots of chaos, a male puppy may be more likely to be content. Sex is just one factor in a puppy's personality.

Do Cockapoos like to be left alone? ›

Cockapoos can be left alone for short periods, especially if they're well-trained. However, this breed is known for its love of attention. So if your household is typically empty throughout most of the day, your cockapoo pup may get lonely.

Do Cockapoos need a companion? ›

Cockapoos are usually healthy, well-tempered dogs without many serious health problems. However, as they were bred to be companion dogs, they crave human company and can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

How do I know if a dog breeder is reputable? ›

Most reliable breeders earn their reputation by providing healthy pups to good homes resulting in “word of mouth” references. Meet breeders at local dog shows or look online for local breed clubs and review the AKC Breeder Referral page on their website www.akc.org.

What is the difference between a dog breeder and a puppy mill? ›

A good breeder will almost always have a lot of questions for you about why you're interested in their breed and their dogs. They'll want to know a lot about your lifestyle and will work to match you with the right dog. A puppy mill, meanwhile, will simply sell you a puppy for the right price.

Do Cockapoos pick a favorite person? ›

In a family environment, cockapoos tend to connect best with one family member. This devotion to the one person who needs them the most can create a spectacular bond and is something we look for in our assistance dog partnerships.

Should I get a Cockapoo or Cavapoo? ›

If you're searching for a dog that requires less attention overall, try a cavapoo; they require less grooming, train faster, and don't demand as much attention from their owners as cockapoos do. Cavapoos also suffer less from separation anxiety.

What makes a Cockapoo happy? ›

Cockapoos are active dogs as they are made up of breeds bred for intelligence and hunting activities. Therefore providing both mental and physical stimulation helps keep them happy and healthy and less likely to bored, it also helps us as owners enjoy our time spent with them.

How do I find a reputable dog breeder in my area? ›

You can find responsible dog breeders by asking for referrals from your veterinarian or trusted friends, by contacting local breed clubs or visiting professional dog shows.

How much should I pay for a Cockapoo? ›

Cockapoo puppies can cost anywhere upwards from several hundred pounds but prices at the COVID peak are a few thousand. A Cockapoo price range can fluctuade depending on the breeder.

How much should a Cockapoo puppy cost? ›

Although the price varies depending on the breeder, one can expect to pay between $900 and $2,500. Many factors influence the price, including the pedigree used for breeding, the puppy's coat type, color, and health screenings performed by the breeder, and if the puppy belongs to champion lineage, to name a few.

How much is a Cockapoo 2022 UK? ›


The trendy and popular Cockapoo - a dog crossbred from a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle - is next most expensive, with an average price tag of £2,471.

How do you tell if a breeder is scamming you? ›

What are the Red Flags?
  1. No phone calls. The seller prefers to handle communication by email and not the phone. ...
  2. Copycat or stock photos. Photos of the dog or ad text can be found on multiple websites. ...
  3. Sketchy payment. ...
  4. Price is too good to be true. ...
  5. Breeder “badges.” AKC does not distribute badges to breeders.
24 Jan 2022

How do I know if I'm buying a puppy from a reputable breeder? ›

A reputable breeder will often love the breed and know all there is to know; they should be able to answer any question you might have. A puppy farmer will only know the basics as they often deal with multiple breeds.

What is a lifespan of a Cockapoo? ›

Vital Stats
Size:Small to medium
Exercise:1 hour daily, plus plenty of mental stimulation
Life span:13+ years
Breed group:A cross between a Cocker Spaniel (Gundog) and a Poodle (Utility)
Temperament:Intelligent, friendly, outgoing
1 more row

Are Cockapoos high maintenance? ›

Cockapoos require lots of grooming to keep their coats matt free. It is important to establish a regular routine with brushing and combing. In addition, their coats need to be cut regularly with clippers or scissors. If this isn't done, cockapoos' coats can matt very easily which is problematic.

Are Cockapoos difficult puppies? ›

They're friendly and energetic dogs that are loved by people all over the world because of their adorable looks and personalities! As a result of their generally easy-going but eager personalities, Cockapoo puppy training can be surprisingly easy!

Do Cockapoos bark lots? ›

Although Cocker Spaniels and Poodles may occasionally be problematic barkers, neither breed has a strong inclination to bark excessively. Cockapoos are often a low barking dog. It is not reasonable to expect a dog never to bark. Cockapoos have no particular predisposition to barking a lot.

Which is better F1 or F2 Cockapoo? ›

The F1 is considered the most stable mating with good hybrid vigour (health and longevity). This mix can show the greatest visual difference between the core parent cross with a slightly differing look with each of the 3 Cocker Spaniel crosses.

What's the difference between F1 and F2 Cockapoo? ›

F1 means first cross. Parents are Spaniel/Poodle. F1b means one parent is a Cockapoo and the other parent is either a poodle or a spaniel. F2 means both parents are Cockapoos.

What means F4 Cockapoo generation? ›

Generations explained

F1: A Cockapoo bred by crossing a poodle and a cocker spaniel. F2: Cockapoos bred with two F1 parents. F3: Cockapoos bred with two F2 parents. F4: Cockapoos bred with two F3 parents. F1b: Cockapoos bred with a first-generation Cockapoo and either a cocker spaniel or a poodle.


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