9 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Texas! (2022) - We Love Doodles (2023)

9 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Texas! (2022) - We Love Doodles (1)

Cocker Spaniels are some of the most popular dogs in the entire world that were originally known for their hunting skills. However, this dog breed has become famous as companion pets due to their gentle and extremely smart personality. You’ll find tons of Cocker Spaniel breeders in Texas, but they are not all the same.

In general, always look for a breeder who conducts genetic tests and health tests on their parent dogs. This is the best way to verify that your puppy won’t have any hereditary diseases that will significantly shorten its lifespan. In addition, we always recommend people to visit a breeder in person, ask them questions, and verify that they aren’t a puppy mill or backyard breeder. Remember, healthy Cocker Spaniels will easily live for 10+ years so you’ll want to make sure you are getting a healthy puppy.

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1. PuppySpot Cocker Spaniels Texas

9 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Texas! (2022) - We Love Doodles (2)

PuppySpot is a family-friendly marketplace for puppies in search of a loving home. If you’re struggling to find Cocker Spaniel breeders in Texas, then check out PuppySpot to help save your valuable time since they screen all breeders. PuppySpot verifies and screens all breeders to USDA standards and has a 100 point inspection. Less than 10% of all Cocker Spaniel breeders will make the cut. This ensures that your future puppy is healthy and won’t come from a puppy mill.

The website is easy to navigate and the process for your Cocker Spaniel companion is easier than you think. With a quick search and a few clicks, you’ll save hours of your time contacting each Cocker Spaniel breeder individually. They also have Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale today so you won’t have to wait on a long puppy waitlist since they are a network of breeders.

Whether you want a darker shade or lighter shade color for your Cocker Spaniel puppy, you can use PuppySpot’s filter to find whichever listing suits you the best. From filtering out a certain age to a certain coat type, you’ll find many options for your Cocker Spaniel. Before scrolling down this list, we highly suggest you check out PuppySpot’s platform before scrolling further down this list. You can start browsing for a companion on PuppySpot without any sign-up required. We bought one of our puppies from them and really enjoyed our experience.

Cocker Spaniel Breeder Details

2. Touchgold Kennel Texas

9 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Texas! (2022) - We Love Doodles (3)

Touch Gold is a small hobby kennel, located in Mico, Texas, in the hill country just west of San Antonio. They have worked hard to breed the best English Cocker Spaniels that will be happy and healthy.

The first priority is that each puppy they breed will be a loved pet with a great temperament. Touch Gold Kennels is also part of the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America and all of their dogs have health clearance from the ECSCA. This means that your puppy should also be very healthy.

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Touch Gold Kennel believes in breeding and showing healthy dogs that adhere to the purebred standard. They only breed dogs that have all the breed club-recommended health clearances. In addition, their Cocker Spaniel puppies in Texas are beloved pets and many have gone on to achieve excellence in agility, obedience, and as therapy dogs. Touch Gold puppies in Texas have wonderful temperaments for those interested in a companion animal. For full pricing of Touchgold Kennel dogs, they ask that you contact them directly.

Cocker Spaniel Breeder Details

3. Huckleberry Hollow Kennel TX

9 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Texas! (2022) - We Love Doodles (4)

Huckleberry Hollow is a hobby breeder of champion bloodline Cocker Spaniel puppies near Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. They take pride in caring for their pets as all of their Cocker Spaniel puppies are bred for temperament and conformation to the breed standard.

Huckleberry Hollow has been in the dog breeding business with the Cocker Spaniel puppies since 1996. Their experience with raising quality, champion bloodline puppies has been one of the most rewarding experiences in their lifetime. It gives them such great pleasure to be able to place their Cocker Spaniel puppies in homes where they will be loved and nurtured.

They ask potential clients to come to visit their location so they can meet the puppy’s new families face to face and make sure their dogs are going to the best homes possible. This Cocker Spaniel breeder in Texas likes to always verify that any potential new dog owner will be able to care for the lifetime of the dog.

Huckleberry Hollow Kennel asks that anyone interested in any of their puppies contact them directly for more information, including full pricing. For what it’s worth, they are one of the oldest Cocker Spaniel breeders in Texas on our list.

Cocker Spaniel Breeder Details

4. Red Creek Kennels of Texas

9 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Texas! (2022) - We Love Doodles (5)

Red Creek Kennels of Texas is a second-generation premier dog breeding facility specializing in Spaniels. With decades of learning and practicing, they are confident that any buyer will love their Cocker Spaniel puppies as much as they do.

Their Spaniels are limitlessly loyal, incredibly intelligent, and athletic beyond measure. Their dogs have the ability to fit into a variety of family types and serve the family in many different ways. Red Creek Kennels of Texas has the goal of raising puppies that exceed breed and customer expectations.

Red Creek Kennels of Texas asks that anyone interested in any of their puppies contact them directly for more information. A buyer must also sign up to be put on the waiting list for future litters as they don’t currently have any available puppies.

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Cocker Spaniel Breeder Details

5. Hallmark Cocker Spaniel Puppies Texas

9 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Texas! (2022) - We Love Doodles (6)

Hallmark Cock Spaniels is a breeder located in Ben Wheeler, Texas. It is their desire to help others obtain beautiful, well-bred Cocker Spaniels that hold true to AKC purebred standards.

At Hallmark Cockers Texas, they are striving to produce the most beautiful and healthy dogs they can for pet and show homes. Hallmark carefully selects the mom and dad dogs to make sure they each bring the best Cocker qualities to their offspring.

All their breeding dogs are health checked for hips, elbows, and heart by a licensed veterinarian and are certified healthy. Hallmark also has all their breeding dogs CERF/CAER tested/certified by an optometrist for eye issues including juvenile cataracts and glaucoma.​ These are some of the most common health issues that you will see in Cocker Spaniels.

They are also pleased to announce that they also do DNA testing on ​all of their adult Cocker Spaniels for several genetic and hereditary diseases to help ensure they are only breeding and producing the healthiest Cocker Spaniels in Texas.

​​Hallmark Cockers come from wonderful champion bloodlines. Their dogs are their babies that are lovingly spoiled and cared for in a home environment. All Hallmark puppies are socialized with a variety of experiences, sights, and sounds from birth till time to go to their new homes. They use the ​Puppy Culture program to help socialize them and prepare them for real-life environments. This helps their puppies transition to their forever homes with less anxiety and stress.

Hallmark puppies are $1600 for pet and companion homes. A deposit of $500 is required to place a hold on a chosen puppy and remove it from being advertised for adoption. They start accepting holding fees when the puppies are around 1-2 weeks of age.

Cocker Spaniel Breeder Details

6. Amanda’s Spaniels Texas

9 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Texas! (2022) - We Love Doodles (7)

Amanda’s Spaniels is a small-time hobby dog breeder based in Jacksonville, Texas. They have been breeding American Cocker Spaniels since 2018. Their puppies are born inside their own home and given lots of love and attention from day one.

Amanda’s Spaniels strives to breed the best Cocker Spaniel puppies in Texas they can. They also take pride in educating their new dog owners and ensure these precious puppies get the love, care, and attention they deserve. Feel free to reach out to this breeder if you have any questions about the dog breed.

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Amanda’s Spaniels has a questionnaire that potential buyers can fill out, making sure they are a good fit for one of Amanda’s Spaniels dogs. They take great care in the breeding of their dogs and want them to go to only the best homes possible.

For full pricing of their Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale in Texas, they ask that a buyer contact them directly, as well as to be placed on a waiting list for future litters.

Cocker Spaniel Breeder Details

7. Lakota Cockers TX

9 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Texas! (2022) - We Love Doodles (8)

Lakota Cockers is a small hobby breeder based in El Paso, Texas, specializing in beautiful, healthy, and temperamentally sound Cocker Spaniels puppies. They are members of the American Spaniel Club, El Paso Dog Fanciers, and an AKC Breeder of Merit. They are definitely one of the most reputable Cocker Spaniel breeders in Texas.

They have bred their dogs both as family pets as well as show dogs. These show dogs have gone on to win many competitions which means their litters come from champion bloodlines.

Being a small Cocker Spaniel breeder, they do not always have puppies available so Lakota Cockers asks those interested to contact them directly for availability of puppies, future litters, and pricing. They can be reached via their website on the Contact Us page.

Cocker Spaniel Breeder Details

8. Petland Vineyard Texas

9 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Texas! (2022) - We Love Doodles (9)

Petland Vineyard is a pet store in San Antonio, Texas, helping families find their perfect pets, including Cocker Spaniels. Their mission is to match the right pet with the right customer and meet the needs of both. For their customers who already have pets, they are dedicated to enhancing their knowledge and enjoyment of the human-animal bond.

Petland Vineyard puts the health and well-being of puppies first, by promoting responsible puppy ownership and continuous staff training. At Petland, they make sure that they place their puppies in the most loving and caring homes possible. However, they are a pet store and don’t breed their own Cocker Spaniels so you will want to ask many questions about the breeding practices and parent dogs.

Petland Vineyard offers special financing which is a great way to be able to afford your pet without having to pay everything upfront. All you need to do is to fill out an application either online or in-store. Once the application is processed there will be an approved amount. For full pricing of Cocker Spaniel puppies in Texas, contact them directly.

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Cocker Spaniel Breeder Details

  • Address: 1309 N Loop 1604 E #101, San Antonio, Texas 78258
  • Phone: (210) 592-1234
  • Website: Petland Vineyard Texas

9. Warrior Spring Ranch Cocker Spaniels

9 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Texas! (2022) - We Love Doodles (10)

Warrior Spring Ranch is located in West Central Texas in Coleman County. They breed, raise, and train Working English Cocker Spaniels. All of their breeding stock is directly imported from the top Great Britain Breeders. Their dogs are from the breeding lines of Chyknell, Maesydderwen, and Timsgarry.

These breeding lines produce exceptional Cocker Spaniel dogs that are good-looking with plenty of ability, intelligence, and a wonderful temperament. They make great companions dogs in the home or out in the hunting field. Additionally, they are easy to handle and extremely loyal.

Warrior Spring Ranch also actively trains its own Cocker Spaniel dogs. Throughout the year they are trained with pigeons and pen-raised game birds. During hunting season they hunt quail, pheasant, doves, and ducks.

During early fall, some of their Cocker Spaniels are taken to Pennsylvania for grouse and woodcock hunting. It doesn’t matter what game a buyer might hunt because if they shoot it, a Warrior Spring Ranch dog will get it and bring it back every time.

Warrior Spring loves hunting with their Cocker Spaniels and enjoys introducing others to them. During dove season, local outfitters use their dogs exclusively because the Cockers are easy to handle, small, and do not dislike the dove feathers like other retrieving breeds. Their customers refer to them as “sweat little retrieving machines”. If you want a Cocker Spaniel puppy in Texas that comes from a breeder with hunter experience, contact Warrior Spring Ranch today!

Cocker Spaniel Breeder Details

Conclusion for Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Texas

The Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale in Texas have gained widespread popularity. In fact, the AKC ranks the Cocker Spaniel as the 30th most popular dog in the world. It’s no surprise that you’ll find a ton of Cocker Spaniel breeders in Texas.

However, not all breeders are the same. In general, you should look for a Cocker Spaniel breeder who does health tests and genetic tests their parent dogs. This will help ensure that you don’t get a puppy that will inherit genetic diseases. In addition, we always recommend that you visit the breeder in person to verify that they are not a puppy mill or backyard breeder. Good luck in finding your next puppy!

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How do I find a good cocker spaniel breeder? ›

1 Who do I contact if I want to find a reputable Cocker breeder? Contact your nearest regional Breed Club (contact details for all these Clubs can be found here) for further information. The Kennel Club has an online Puppy Sales List listing breeders who have litters available.

Which colour cocker spaniel has the best temperament? ›

The latest study, recently published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, shows that golden/red English cocker spaniels exhibit the most dominant and aggressive behaviour. Black dogs in this breed are the second most aggressive, while particolour (white with patches of colour) are more mild-mannered.

What is the most popular cocker spaniel? ›

#4 American Cocker Spaniel

This is the most well-known spaniel, and their long silky coat comes in 13 diffurent colors and two styles of markings. They have a pawsitively wonderful personality and love attention, but they are also great hunting pups.

What 2 breeds make a cocker spaniel? ›

Obo II, is considered to be the progenitor of the American Cocker Spaniel. Obo was born in 1879, when registration as a cocker was still only by size and not by ancestry. He was the son of a Sussex Spaniel and a Field Spaniel.

Which is Better Boy or girl cocker spaniel? ›

So, which one is best for you, a male or a female Cocker Spaniel? If you want an affectionate and clingy Cocker Spaniel that is always energetic, then it's best to get a male one. If you prefer one that will give you some alone time while still giving affection in their own way, then it's best to get a female one.

Which is the calmest spaniel? ›

Clumber Spaniel

Known for being great hunters and loyal companions, Clumber Spaniels are among the Sporting Group's more calm dog breeds. In the 1700s at Nottinghamshire, England a burly flushing spaniel was bred for the Clumber Park estate, and thus the Clumber was born.

Which spaniel is the friendliest? ›

1. Cocker Spaniel. "Cocker Spaniels are so synonymous with having a friendly nature that they are even known as the "merry Cocker". An active and adventurous breed, with an ever-wagging tail, they love to shower their owners with affection and devotion.

What is the rarest cocker spaniel colors? ›

Black and Tan Cocker Spaniels are rarer than solid Black Cocker Spaniels however they are not as rare as orange roan, merle or liver Cocker Spaniels.

Which is the easiest spaniel to train? ›

The playful nature of a Cocker Spaniel makes it one of the best small easy-to-train dogs. With its sights set firmly on playtime, mixing fun games alongside training will help your Cocker pick up the rules in no time. Cocker Spaniels love having a job to do and their intelligent minds need to be constantly engaged.

Which is the easiest spaniel? ›

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It's the 19th most popular dog breed in the UK, and a superb choice for first-time dog owners because of their cute and easy-going personalities. Not only are they affectionate around people and children, but they're incredibly easy to train because they're always keen to please!

Are cocker spaniels one person dogs? ›

Getting a Cocker Spaniel

They're such sociable, loving dogs but ideally need someone around all the time. They fit in really well with family life and are a popular choice for first-time owners, but need plenty of patience and training (which they'll love).

What are the disadvantages of a cocker spaniel? ›

Cocker Spaniels have a sweet and friendly temperament that makes this dog a delightful family pet, which is an advantage. Cons associated with Cocker Spaniel breed include a massive amount of shedding that this breed is known for. Potential owners need to be aware of the high grooming needs of Cocker Spaniels.

Can a cocker spaniel be a house dog? ›

Originally bred as gundogs, Cocker Spaniels' natural instincts to 'work' mean they're intelligent, loyal and willing to please. Known to be lively, adaptable and friendly, they can live very happily in all types of households. Kind and gentle, Cocker Spaniels can make excellent dogs for first-time owners.

How long do Cocker Spaniels live? ›

Are cocker spaniels the sweetest dogs? ›

Cocker spaniels are known for being gentle, easy-going and affectionate yet lively. They are generally considered good with children. They tend to be non-aggressive toward other animals and people, but that also means they are not particularly good watchdogs. One note of caution is warranted.

What gender dog is more calm? ›

Female dogs tend to be easier to housebreak, easier to train, and more connected with their owners—but in certain circumstances they can be more demanding of attention. Aggression can be a problem in any dog of any breed, however it is usually more apparent in non-neutered males.

How cuddly is a Cocker Spaniel? ›

Originally bred to hunt woodcock, cocker spaniels still love time spent outside. They have a sweet temperament and can be very affectionate and cuddly dogs. And with proper training, they also get along well with other pets, including cats.

Are springer or cocker spaniels calmer? ›

All spaniels can be very bouncy, and the cocker's high energy may be challenging if you're inexperienced with dogs, but a lot of springers are just as troublesome to train. Cocker spaniels probably do have the edge on gentleness though and are frequently used as therapy dogs.

What is the laziest spaniel? ›

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is by nature one of the laziest dog breeds, but the dogs also are incredibly affectionate and playful. What is this? Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an adorable breed that makes a perfect couch potato dog. This breed is highly adaptable and mostly happy.

What is the healthiest spaniel? ›


They're a relatively healthy breed comparatively, rarely suffering from any serious health issues. English Springer Spaniels commonly live between 12 to 14 years.

Do cocker spaniels have anger issues? ›

We know that the Cocker Spaniel's temperament is overwhelmingly friendly and loving but there have been a few recorded cases of apparent canine aggressive behaviour in the breed – Cocker Rage Syndrome – which can lead to extreme uncontrolled aggression, or dominance aggression.

Which is the No 1 friendly dog? ›

1. Golden Retriever. It's safe to say that this breed is one of the most personable around. Golden Retrievers are always eager to please and have a calm temperament, which means they will be happy to socialise with everyone – even with other pets!

Do cocker spaniels miss their owners? ›

Cocker Spaniels love to be with their humans, and they miss us so much if we aren't around that they celebrate when in our company. Whether they are males or females, much like people, some like to cuddle and some don't.

Are cocker spaniels lazy dogs? ›

Are English Cocker Spaniels lazy dogs? English Cocker Spaniels were bred as birding dogs and tend to have higher energy levels. While they love exercise and activity, they do also enjoy spending time with their people and cuddle next to them on the couch.

What is a F1 Cocker Spaniel? ›

F1 means first cross. Parents are Spaniel/Poodle. F1b means one parent is a Cockapoo and the other parent is either a poodle or a spaniel. F2 means both parents are Cockapoos. Here is the confusion - we can confirm that all the F type litters can have different looking, different coats, in the SAME litter.

How do I stop my cocker spaniel from jumping up? ›

Step 1 – Don't reward your dog's jumping up behaviour

Be patient and wait until all four of their paws are back on the ground. As soon as this happens, turn around and reward your dog with positive attention. If your dog gets over-excited when you give them attention, consider using a food reward instead.

What age do cocker spaniels calm down? ›

WHAT AGE DO COCKER SPANIELS CALM DOWN? As a Cocker doesn't reach physical maturity until they are 2 years old, the rule of thumb is that they do not reach their mental adulthood until then either. But, most people will say that Cocker Spaniels don't calm down until they are 2-3 years old.

How far should you walk a cocker spaniel? ›

The amount of exercise your Cocker Spaniel needs will vary based on their age, general health and fitness, and whether they are a 'show' or 'working' line. Healthy dogs aged between one and nine years old should be getting at least 70 minutes of exercise every day, split between their daily walks.

What is the calmest dog breed to own? ›

These adorable and lovable calm dog breeds fit right in with singles, couples, or families who are looking for a mellow and chill furry family member.
  • The calmest dog breeds you'll want to bring home. ...
  • English cocker spaniel. ...
  • Whippet. ...
  • Golden retriever. ...
  • Tibetan spaniel. ...
  • St. Bernard. ...
  • Pug. ...
  • Newfoundland.
17 Feb 2022

What dog is similar to a cocker spaniel? ›

Closely related to cocker and springer spaniels, field spaniels hunted game in England's vast fields. They have abundant energy and are playful, loyal, intelligent. They bond tightly with their family and make an excellent fit for an active family.

Which is easier to train cocker or springer spaniel? ›

However, he pointed out that in his experience, cockers “are not so easy to train as the springers, being rather more selfish and inclined to think about themselves instead of about what the trainer requires of them.”

Are cocker spaniel attached to owner? ›

Just like any other dog, cocker spaniels are loyal to their humans. They even pick a favorite person at home, especially the ones that give them the most care and affection. Therefore, if in your family you are the one who spends the most time with your cocker, it builds a deeper connection for you.

Why does my cocker spaniel follow me everywhere? ›

If your dog follows you everywhere then it's a sign that they trust and love you and that you make them feel safe. Following you very closely can be a sign that they're bored, they want something, they're feeling scared or are just being nosy.

Are cocker spaniels clingy dogs? ›

Cocker Spaniels are very loving and very loyal, so they'll likely follow you around everywhere and become your best buddy in no time. This also means that they can become needy and will want a lot of attention, so you'll have to be prepared for a true fur-baby on your hands.

Why are cocker spaniels not popular? ›

With their ever-wagging tails, handsome appearance, soulful eyes, and friendly temperament, the merry Cocker Spaniel has deservedly often been in the ranks of most popular dog breed.

Are cocker spaniels high maintenance? ›

Yes, Cocker Spaniels are high-maintenance dogs. The breed requires more coat maintenance and grooming and has a higher-than-average number of health concerns. However, Cockers love to be close to their owners, which makes them more prone to separation anxiety. Cocker Spaniels are affectionately called “Velcro dogs.”

Are cocker spaniels hard to toilet train? ›

Knowing how to potty train Cocker Spaniel puppies takes time and patience. Training your Cocker pup to potty outside doesn't happen overnight, but it can be done if you do it the right way. There are a lot of so-called experts out there who share a lot of bad tips. Forget them and what you've tried and hasn't worked.

How long can cocker spaniels hold their bladder? ›

A young dog can hold their pee for up to 10-12 hours if needed, but that doesn't mean that they should. The average adult dog should be allowed to relieve itself at least 3-5 times per day. That's at least once every 8 hours.

Are cocker spaniels hard to house break? ›

Cocker Spaniels are "sweet-natured, playful, and incredibly gentle dogs", says MedNet Direct, "but they can also have a temperamental and unpredictably defensive attitude that can make potty training a challenge."

How do I find a reputable dog breeder in my area? ›

You can find responsible dog breeders by asking for referrals from your veterinarian or trusted friends, by contacting local breed clubs or visiting professional dog shows.

What age does cocker rage start? ›

The term Cocker Rage Syndrome was first used by Rodger Mugford when he researched Cockers and aggression. He found that the majority of the dogs he observed began showing signs at about 7.5 months.

Are male or female cocker spaniels more affectionate? ›

While both genders are gentle and loving, each has some characteristics distinctly their own. For example, male Cocker Spaniels will be more playful and affectionate, while females will mature faster and be moodier. There will also be minor differences when it comes to their health and how they are cared for.

How much should I pay for a cocker spaniel puppy UK? ›

On average, a Cocker Spaniel puppy cost between £600 and £1500 or even higher. Look for a reputable breeder to ensure that you'll get a healthy Cocker Spaniel puppy. To find one, you can ask for recommendations from fellow dog owners, the vet, and your friends and family.

How do you tell if a breeder is scamming you? ›

What are the Red Flags?
  1. No phone calls. The seller prefers to handle communication by email and not the phone. ...
  2. Copycat or stock photos. Photos of the dog or ad text can be found on multiple websites. ...
  3. Sketchy payment. ...
  4. Price is too good to be true. ...
  5. Breeder “badges.” AKC does not distribute badges to breeders.
24 Jan 2022

What should you not say to a dog breeder? ›

Don't use commodified terms – like “stock” or “product”. Don't expect to turn up, pay money, and get a puppy. That is not how the process works. We don't need to get the puppy 'off our hands', so don't bargain or haggle.

How do you tell if a breeder is a good breeder? ›

Most reliable breeders earn their reputation by providing healthy pups to good homes resulting in “word of mouth” references. Meet breeders at local dog shows or look online for local breed clubs and review the AKC Breeder Referral page on their website www.akc.org.

How do you discipline a Cocker Spaniel? ›

Begin by walking together around your home and work up to short walks outside.
  1. Obedience Training for Cocker Spaniels. ...
  2. Be Consistent When Training a Cocker Spaniel. ...
  3. Use Positive Affirmations When Training a Cocker Spaniel. ...
  4. Avoid Distractions When Training a Cocker Spaniel.
31 Jul 2018

Can cocker spaniels be left alone? ›

Cocker Spaniels are known for suffering with separation anxiety, so it's best to have someone with them during the day. It's important that your Cocker is never left alone for more than four hours, but even this may be too much for your dog to handle.

How often should a Cocker Spaniel be bathed? ›

You should only bathe your Cocker once a week. Over bathing can lead to your dog developing dry and flaking skin which will result in your dog scratching. Cockers are prone to skin disorders so you should use a mild shampoo. You should finish off their bath with a good conditioner.

Do cocker spaniels pick one person? ›

In our household, our Cocker Spaniel wants to be wherever we are. Cockers tend to cling more to the person who spends the most time with them, but that fluctuates, too. They are a loyal, inquisitive breed who are clingy and simply want to be a part of everything you are doing.

What are the disadvantages of a Cocker Spaniel? ›

Cocker Spaniels have a sweet and friendly temperament that makes this dog a delightful family pet, which is an advantage. Cons associated with Cocker Spaniel breed include a massive amount of shedding that this breed is known for. Potential owners need to be aware of the high grooming needs of Cocker Spaniels.

Can you negotiate puppy prices with a breeder? ›

It is not unreasonable to ask if a breeder will take less. However, most reputable breeders have a set price and do not negotiate.

Is a cocker spaniel a good house dog? ›

Originally bred as gundogs, Cocker Spaniels' natural instincts to 'work' mean they're intelligent, loyal and willing to please. Known to be lively, adaptable and friendly, they can live very happily in all types of households.


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