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What is your study programme?

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Last modified on 11-10-2022

Canvas is the digital learning environment of the UvA, where you can find all educational material, articles, assignments and messages related to your courses.Ga directly to Canvas

Show information for your study programme

You're currently viewing general information. Choose your study programme to see additional information that's specific to your study programme, such as deadlines, regulations and contact details.

What is your study programme?

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Canvas also makes it easier for students and lecturers to communicate with one another in a course-specific context.

Logging in and accessing your courses

You can log into CanvasExternal link using your UvAnetID.

Good to know about Canvas

(Video) What was it like to participate in UvA Matching? | ASK UvA

Using Canvas on your mobile device

Download the Canvas Student app from the app store (iOS)External link or play store (Android)External link, select 'University of Amsterdam' from the list of institutions and log in using your UvAnetID and password.

Help with Canvas

View the video and tips at Canvas for UvA studentsExternal link or consult the Canvas guides via the Help function in the Canvas menu.

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Select your study programme in de study filterto see the contact details of your education desk.

(Video) Tutorial: How to SCHEDULE a class on Canvas

Note: please select your study programme

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(Video) Submitting assignments in canvas


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