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Moose Simmons

9 months ago

As a former dog daycare owner I checked out several places when I relocated to Lynchburg. I am very particular about where I leave my pups. K9Cloud9 is the best of the bunch. Great facility and great staff. The staff are very knowledgeable in dog behavior. Both of my dogs enjoy going for both daycare and overnights and come home tired and relaxed after each visit.

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Ciara Nauful

9 months ago

My dogs LOVE K-9 Cloud 9 & always have a good time boarding/going to daycare there. The staff are wonderful & respectful, and really care for all of the dogs.

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Katelyn Sandy

10 months ago

my dog enjoyed his time here most of the time which is why I'm giving it 3-stars. the last time I came and picked him up they had him in a cage (he isn't crate trained and if I wanted him in a crate I would've just left him at home), and he was COVERED in drool from anxiety. I mean, soaked. His nose was raw from trying to get out of the cage and was extremely clingy when we got home. I'm super disappointed because I really wanted to find a good day care for him a few times a week so he could be out playing with other dogs, but that was a no-go for me and I don't plan to go back.

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Brittney Doss

11 months ago

My fur babe started attending K9-Cloud 9 back in August, I was a nervous wreck the first day I dropped him off not knowing what to truly expect but we both quickly became comfortable with the facility & staff. My fur babe now lights up when he hears me say “doggy day care” he quickly jumps right on in the car & out & into the building when we arrive. The owner as well as other staff members always greet us, they give me a report on how my fur babe was throughout the day, and always answer any questions I may have. I love the fact they have cameras, I feel secure knowing I can check in and see what is going on with my own two eyes- just the other day I zoomed in & saw my ???? sitting in one of the staffs laps receiving lots of love!! Plus, they offer special activities for the dogs which not many other dog care places do. Thanks K9-Cloud 9 for taking good care of my fur babe while under your watch!!

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (5)

Chelsea Bryan

11 months ago

This place has really helped with bringing my little doggie out of his shell! He is so friendly to other dogs now :)

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (6)

Lynchburg ATT

11 months ago

The owner doesn't care about your animals, always is complaining about normal dog behavior. Don't own a dog day care if you don't wanna take care of the dogs. Would've given a way lower review if possible.

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Joseph Bede

11 months ago

The owner isn’t very understanding; she “expelled” my dog for being himself while in their care. I was under the impression that I was paying for a doggy day-care that would be taking responsibility for my little guy while I was out working my day job. Apparently I need to find a new daycare.

Love the workers but the owner makes the whole place terrible, she’s ignorant and doesn’t manage her business properly. I hope she sells it to someone that can run the business properly or I would rather just see it close.

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (9)

Travis Rexrode

11 months ago

Best facility in Lynchburg for dog boarding. Owner is friendly and makes sure my dogs are taken care of!

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (10)

Shannon Buchanan

a year ago

My dog absolutely loves going to K-9 Cloud 9, both for daycare and boarding. It’s always easy to schedule and drop off, even last minute. The staff know him and his personality well, and I know they love and treat him like their own. I love that the dogs play indoors, as rainy days are often when he needs daycare the most to get his energy out, and I don’t have to worry about him getting overheated. We have just moved away from Lynchburg, and we will miss this place so much. A similar facility in our new location has a 5-7 week wait just to get a new client interview ????

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (11)

Abbi White

a year ago

Love them. They take such good care of my little guy on a regular basis, and the prices are good. The ladies who work here are so sweet and have given me great advice on raising my puppy.

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (12)

Amanda Fariss

a year ago

Facility seems very unmanaged. In the time I was there in a matter of 30 minutes. A dog jumped the play fence and they shoved him in a small crate with no blanket or water, Dogs were fighting in play area that they didn't split up, And a large pitbull was jumping and landed on a small dog causing it to yelp. To add insult to injury the owner was bragging about her 10,000 sqft facility but would not give a tour. Also she does not believe in leashes in the facility which is just plain dangerous. Any facility that will not allow you to tour it to see where your dogs will be staying Please STAY AWAY FROM. You should be allowed to see every aspect of where your animal will be doing daycare or boarding.

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (13)

Samantha Foster, PT, DPT

a year ago

Picked up our doggie after vacation and it felt like he had been on vacation too!

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (14)

Jim Koebert

a year ago

Left my dog with them for 5 days. He had medicine he needed to take and they didn't give it to him after they said they would. They say one price but charge a different price. Brought him there with a security blanket and they lost it. When we did come to get him he smelled like straight up piss. Tried to call during the day to get updates and they never answered the phone or called back. Wouldnt recommend to anyone who loves their pet.

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (16)

Hannah Heath

a year ago

We (my doodle and I) absolutely LOVE K-9 Cloud 9. The staff are always friendly and welcoming. They give me good updates and have the cameras turned on every afternoon so I can watch my sweet girl, if I want to. My doodle will pull me into the building when we arrive with her tail wagging as fast as it can! We cannot recommend this business enough. All the staff are so knowledgeable and you can tell they love their jobs. Thank you for watching and loving on my baby ❤️

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (17)

Mary Beth Calio

a year ago

My dog LOVES Cloud 9!!! I've been taking her there a few times a week, for over a year, so she can socialize and play with other dogs. The owner and staff are always there to assist with any questions or concerns I might have. They evaluated my dog and placed her in a group they knew she would love. When I pick her up, she falls asleep on the way home from all the fun. They have video cameras so I can check up on her during the day. I highly recommend them and I wouldn't go anywhere else.

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (18)

Janaye Wagner

a year ago

We thought this would be a great place for our pet, but upon arrival we were severely disappointed that we booked them. We were boarding our dog for a week. We brought his food (vet recommended) because our dog is overweight. The lady at the front desk, I believe it was the owner, said that our dog was fat and said we were feeding him too much (again, we are following our vets instructions).We assumed that the dogs would be let out on a regular basis, but were told they are only taken outside 3-4 times a day and are not walked. It's an additional fee to let the dogs your boarding go to the daycare, so on top of being one of the most expensive boarding places, they also charge extra to let your dogs play in a small play pen.When we picked our dog up, we noticed they had not fed our dog any of the food we brought for him, ya know, the stuff the vet prescribed. He also smelt like dog pee and needed grooming because the smell was so bad. It makes me think he probably wasn't let out enough because he has never peed in the house and probably wouldn't unless he couldn't help it. Board your dog somewhere else, it's not worth it.

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (19)

Tresa Taylor

a year ago

Lived it! Very friendly and our dog loved it.

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (20)

Rachael Martin

a year ago

We love K-9 Cloud 9 the staff is the best! I love that they have cameras we can check in on our fur babies. I also love how they do special things for the holidays. The staff works hard and they are open and honest with you if anything happens. We love it here and as long as they are here we will continue to go.

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (21)

Dogz M0m

a year ago

We love them! They are wonderful! We love they have cameras so we can watch our fur babies and they do special things for the holidays. They are honest with you if anything happens to your dog there. As long as they are around we will always use them.

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (22)

Duane Taylor

a year ago

We had Trigger in doggy daycare for the 1st time there and he had agreat time. The staff was very professional and caring for the animals. I would recommend this place to everyone.

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (24)

Colby Winston

a year ago

K-9 Cloud 9 is an amazing doggy daycare. The staff is so sweet and greets my boy every morning by name with a big smile and bigger hugs. I love that they have open playtime most of the day with nap time/lunch from 11-1. They also offer an early drop-off time for those mornings when I have to be at work before 7am. The owner is really involved and always has amazing recommendations for common dog problems (not eating lunch, giving meds, etc). I also love that Friday’s are “spa day” with a special deal on a bath and nail trim. Five stars for sure!

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (25)

Medical Office

a year ago

I have been so happy with my experience with K-9 Cloud 9. They offer early drop off and late pick up which are essential for my schedule. They also have Web cameras and I can watch my dog play which is super fun. There staff stays in with the dogs and actually plays with and pets the dogs. I also appreciate they recognize me and after a long day & pick up is quick. Thank you all for what you do, I know my boy is a handful but he comes home content and ready to relax with me.

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (26)

Nathan Freier

a year ago

I bring my dog here as a back up place when I can’t bring him to his normal place (I work an hour out of town). He absolutely loves going here! The staff are always very friendly and attentive. It is also great to be able to check in on him using their cameras. I’d recommend this place to anyone looking for a daycare!

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (27)

Julie Bonner

a year ago

My goofy 9 year old Jane, who I adopted 7 mths ago, has such a good time at K9 Cloud 9 and it's such a great feeling for me! Theresa and her staff are the best! The Daycare program super, as is the Boarding, Thank you K9!

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (28)

Merkesha Jefferson

a year ago

Took me a minute to make this post. I’m a first time dog mom and I’m learning as I go. I took my dog to this establishment for play and exercise because I work 12 hour shifts. The young people there were great! I felt very comfortable leaving my son there. The next time I took him I meet the owner who told me that I was not able to leave food for my dog. I told her he hadn’t ate breakfast and her reply was stern when she said that he’s not going to die by missing a meal. I left him to play for the day and several days after that until I saw where another owner left there dog food. At that time she denied telling me what she said but laughed when I reminded her she said he wouldn’t die from missing a meal. I think this owner respects upper class people with fancy dogs. She has her picks. I will never leave him at another daycare because of her.

K-9 Cloud 9 - Virginia, Lynchburg | Reviews on thePets (29)

Emily Weinmann

a year ago

Where do I begin...I do not recommend this facility whatsoever.Not only did my 10months old dog get bit in the back and need stitches. But they are also allowing the dog that bit him to continue going to daycare here.They used their own vet instead of my listed emergency vet and tried to make me pay for the vet bill AND that same day of daycare!I was told it was a “one time thing and that’s how animals express their emotions” but when I got my dog home he had MULTIPLE puncher wounds all over his belly and neck.They do not care about your animal, just about the money! Not once did the manager or owner call to check on my dog to see how he was doing.I emailed them with my concerns about their negligence and I got no answer. Instead, my account was deactivated.Very unprofessional.If you love your pet you would not bring them here!!

K-9 Cloud 9 does a great job handling our 90lb energetic puppy! We've taken him other places where he gets upset when returning, but that's not the case here. He is absolutely ready for playtime with his friends when he gets here and ready for a nap when he gets home. The staff is great and friendly. We appreciate their honest and personalized answers when we ask about how our pup has done during any given visit. Besides daycare and boarding, we've used the self-use dog wash area and are so grateful that K-9 Cloud 9 makes this service available! Our puppy definitely prefers the warm bath at K-9 Cloud 9 over the crazy baths in the yard with a garden hose. It keeps us from getting soaked and covered in suds too!

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