Live Updates: Virginia Tech Defeats Virginia 29-24 (2022)

Live analysis and score updates for the 103rd edition of the Commonwealth Clash between the Virginia Cavaliers and the Virginia Tech Hokies on Saturday at Scott Stadium in Charlottesville.

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Virginia Tech won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball.

First Quarter

Virginia Tech Drive - 15:00 1Q

Virginia Tech runs six plays on its first drive, all of which were running plays. The first two result in first downs on Raheem Blackshear and Braxton Burmeister runs. The Virginia defense comes up with a huge stop as Nick Grant and Nick Jackson team up to bring Connor Blumrick down short of the first down and Virginia Tech is forced to punt.

Virginia Drive - 10:30 1Q

Armstrong throws to Dontayvion Wicks for a 27-yard gain, but Bobby Haskins is called for a personal foul which sets UVA back 15 yards.Armstrong goes right back to Wicks for a gain of nine yards on the left sideline and then Jelani Woods catches a pass for a first down. Armstrong throws to Malachi Fields, who breaks a tackle and runs for 18 yards and another UVA first down. Keytaon Thompson hauls in a reception to set up first and goal. Billy Kemp scores a nine-yard touchdown, but it is waived off for a holding penalty on Wayne Taulapapa. Three plays later, Armstrong passes to Jelani Woods who runs into the end zone for an 11-yard touchdown.Tech's Dorian Strong had a chance to make a hit at the goal line, but elected to get out of the way of the Woods train.

Virginia 7, Virginia Tech 0 | 6:20 1Q

Virginia Tech Drive - 6:20 1Q

Braxton Burmeister goes to the air for the first time today and completes the pass to Da'Wain Lofton for a first down. On the next play, Burmeister burns the UVA secondary with a long ball to Tayvion Robinson for a 61-yard touchdown.

Virginia 7, Virginia Tech 7 | 5:12 1Q

Virginia Drive - 5:12 1Q

Virginia Tech jumps offsides and Armstrong takes the deep shot on the free play to Ra'Shaun Henry, who makes a leaping catch on the right sideline but he is called out of bounds. Play was reviewed and confirmed. Back-to-back runs by Mike Hollins moves the chains for Virginia. Armstrong throws a 19-yard completion to Dontayvion Wicks, who takes a hit and is upended, but immediately pops up and signals for the first down. With the reception, Wicks breaks Herman Moore's record for single-season receiving yards at Virginia. Armstrong eludes multiple tacklers and scrambles for a first down at the VT 4-yard line. Two plays later, Armstrong keeps again and punches it in for a touchdown to regain the lead.

Virginia 14, Virginia Tech 7 | 0:54 1Q

Virginia Tech Drive - 0:54 1Q

Braxton Burmeister breaks loose for a 71-yard run before being chased out of bounds by Darrius Bratton at the UVA 3-yard line. That play ends the first quarter and the Cavaliers still hold a 7 point lead, but the Hokies are knocking at the door.

End of the first quarter. Virginia 14, Virginia Tech 7

Second Quarter

UVA holds Virginia Tech out of the end zone on three-straight goal line rushes. On fourth and goal, Burmeister fakes the handoff and rolls out to the right side. Joey Blount comes up and Burmeister tries to throw over him to Raheem Blackshear, but it falls incomplete. Huge stop for the Cavalier defense and Virginia takes over on downs.

Virginia Drive - 13:05 2Q

Billy Kemp makes an amazing catch on the sideline on third down to get UVA out of the shadow of its own end zone and move the chains. Virginia drives the ball into Virginia Tech territory, but then Armstrong's pass is intercepted by Tae Daley and UVA squanders a chance to go up two scores.

Virginia Tech Drive - 8:39 2Q

On third and 10, Burmeister lofts a pass to a wide open Da'Wain Lofton for a gain of 35 yards and a first down at the UVA 18-yard line. Two plays later, Raheem Blackshear finds a hole and runs untouched for an 18-yard touchdown and Virginia Tech ties it up again.

Virginia 14, Virginia Tech 14 | 6:05 2Q

Virginia Drive - 6:05 2Q

Armstrong throws a pass to Keytaon Thompson on the right sideline for a pickup of 23 yards. UVA converts on third down as Armstrong throws to Keytaon Thompson over the middle of the field for a gain of 15 yards. UVA runs a bubble screen to the right side to Billy Kemp, who catches and runs behind blockers for 20 yards and a first down to the Virginia Tech five-yard line. On the next play, Armstrong scrambles and runs over three separate Hokies at the goal line and walks in for the touchdown.

Virginia 21, Virginia Tech 14 | 3:32 2Q

Virginia Tech Drive - 3:32 2Q

Virginia comes on a blitz and West Weeks sacks Braxton Burmeister for a loss of 14 yards on third down. Virginia Tech punts but West Weeks hits punter Peter Moore and is flagged for roughing the kicker and the Hokies get a fresh set of downs.Critical mistake by West Weeks after he had just made the great play on the sack. UVA was going to get the ball back with a chance to double its lead before halftime. Now, Virginia Tech has an opportunity to tie things up before the half is over. Burmeister throws to Tayvion Robinson for a gain of 26 yards to the UVA 31-yard line. Burmeister keeps on third and three and picks up 10 yards and a first down. Nick Jackson and Mandy Alonso sack Burmeister on third down and Virginia Tech will settle for a field goal with one second remaining in the first half.John Parker Romo makes the 32-yard field goal to make it 21-17 going into halftime.

Halftime. Virginia 21, Virginia Tech 17

Virginia gets the ball to start the second half.

Virginia Drive - 15:00 3Q

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Armstrong throws to Devin Darrington, who sprints down the right sideline for a 44-yard gain. Armstrong slings it to the left sideline where Ra'Shaun Henry hauls it in for a 20-yard gain to the Virginia Tech 19-yard line. Armstrong's third-down pass to Wicks falls incomplete. Amare Barno was initially flagged for targeting for a hit on Armstrong, but the targeting was overturned after review. Brendan Farrell's 34-yard field goal is good.

Virginia 24, Virginia Tech 17 | 12:30 3Q

Virginia Tech Drive - 12:22 3Q

Raheem Blackshear runs for a gain of 21 yards and then he gets loose again on the next play for a gain of 50 yards to the UVA 10-yard line. Blackshear runs again to get VT to the three-yard line. Virginia Tech scores on a trick play as Tayvion Robinson throws it back to a wide open Braxton Burmeister for a touchdown to tie the game.

Virginia 24, Virginia Tech 24 | 10:19 3Q

Virginia Drive - 10:19 3Q

Armstrong throws to Jelani Woods over the middle for 18 yards and a first down. After taking a big hit on the last drive, Billy Kemp is back on the field and making a difference as he catches Armstrong's pass on a slant for a gain of 17 yards into Virginia Tech territory. Armstrong throws to Ra'Shaun Henry on the right sideline for a gain of 11 yards, but he is well short of the first down and UVA punts.

Virginia Tech Drive - 6:59 3Q

Virginia comes up with a huge three-and-out to give the ball back to UVA offense as Elliot Brown sacks Braxton Burmeister on third down to force a punt.

Virginia Drive - 5:02 3Q

Brennan Armstrong not on the field to start this UVA drive. Woolfolk runs 13 yards for a first down. Armstrong is out of the medical tent and back onto the field. On Armstrong's first play back on the field, UVA runs a trick play and direct snaps it to Keytaon Thompson who pitches it to Armstrong who throws it right back to Thompson. Thompson runs 17 yards down the field before fumbling and it is recovered by Virginia Tech. There is a face mask penalty on the play but the referees say it happened after the fumble so the turnover stands.

Virginia Tech Drive 1:55 3Q

Burmeister scrambles left on third down and moves the chains for the Hokies.

End of the third quarter. Virginia 24, Virginia Tech 24

Fourth Quarter

Burmeister nearly breaks loose for a touchdown, but Joey Blount makes the ankle tackle after Burmeister gained 17 yards and a first down. On third and two, Blackshear runs out the left side and picks up 16 yards and a first down. Connor Blumrick tries a QB sneak on third and two and Nick Jackson throws him back for no gain and Virginia Tech settles for a field goal. The Hokies take their first lead of the game as John Parker Romo's 38-yard field goal is good.

Virginia 24, Virginia Tech 27 | 9:31 4Q

Virginia Drive - 9:31 4Q

Dontayvion Wicks drops what would have been a first-down catch, then Armstrong airmails his pass to Jelani Woods on third down and UVA goes three-and-out at the worst time.

Virginia Tech Drive - 8:49 4Q

Burmeister throws to Kaleb Smith, who runs for 10 yards and a first down.Josh Ahern is ejected for targeting and the 15-yard penalty moves the Hokies into UVAterritory at the 39-yard line. Burmeister is sacked by Elliot Brown for his second sack of the game. UVA brings the blitz on third down and Burmeister is forced to throw his pass way off target and Virginia Tech punts. Virginia takes over at its own 8-yard line with a little over four minutes remaining and trailing by three points.

Virginia Drive - 4:18 4Q

On fourth and 2, Armstrong gets pressured in the backfield and loses control of the ball and it bounces into the end zone before being recovered by Bobby Haskins for a safety. Virginia Tech goes up 29-24 and will get the ball back with 3:17 remaining.

Virginia 24, Virginia Tech 29 | 3:17 4Q

Virginia Tech Drive - 3:16 4Q

Connor Blumrick is hit and fumbles the ball on second down and Olasunkonmi Agunloye recovers it for UVA. Big-time turnover to give the Hoos a chance.

Virginia Drive - 3:05 4Q

On third and 10, Armstrong finds Billy Kemp who turns it into a 25-yard reception to the Virginia Tech 40-yard line. UVApicks up another first down on the next play on a holding call on Dorian Strong. Armstrong throws to Keytaon Thompson over the middle for 18 yards and a first down to the Virginia Tech 11-yard line with less than two minutes remaining. Armstrong keeps and runs up the middle for a short gain. Virginia Tech takes a timeout with 1:24 remaining.

Third and 8 from the 9-yard line: Armstrong runs right before turning and passing to offensive lineman Bobby Haskins, who is tackled for a loss of five yards. Hard to find a rationale for that play call in this situation.

Armstrong's pass to Ra'Shaun Henry in the end zone falls incomplete and UVA turns it over on downs. Virginia will lose to Virginia Tech once again.

Final. Virginia 24, Virginia Tech 29

Stay tuned for a full recap of the game on Cavaliers Now.

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