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LaDonna Fowler

Before I went to the theatre, I purchased our tickets online. I received a confirmation number, and the instructions said to just bring the card that I had used with me in order to receive the tickets.I followed these instructions. However, when I went to the ticket counter, they told me that there were no tickets under the card. Then they told me that it was my fault because I did not bring a confirmation number with me. They said that unless I had a copy of the e-mail I received, that I would not be able to get the tickets I had already been charged for.I told them I was very upset, that I was not going to be charged again after already having paid for the tickets. They said there was nothing they could do. They didnt try to help in any way. And instead of giving me a refund for what my card was charged for, they charged me again and gave me a phone number to call Fandango.Ive used Fandango for years, and not once has this problem ever occurred. Only at this location.On top of all of this, when we went in to purchase food, their card reader was not working correctly. Upon scanning the card that I use all the time, they said the card could not be found. I overheard the girl being told by a co-worker that she could simply enter the card information in manually, and that it should be fine. Instead of just trying to do that, she told me that she wasnt allowed to unless I produced two forms of ID. I dont know about you, but most people dont carry two types on them at one time. I just have a drivers license. She didnt care at all, said no she couldnt, then asked us to leave the counter.My entire experience was aggravating to say the least, and not pleasant at all. The theatre we were in was for 3D, and the screen wasnt calibrated correctly so the 3D was blurred even while watching with the glasses on. The only plus to this movie trip was that my son liked the movie that we went to see. I dont think I will be revisiting this location anytime soon.


Craig Tolan

Manager was completely rude. My girlfriend and I come here literally all the time, for at least the last 8 months and last night we went to see a movie, the manager told her she could not come in because didnt have her ID on her...weve NEVER been IDd here. She saw my ID, Im 21 in a matter of months, like yes Im totally going to take a like 16/17 year old on a date. We hopped in the line next to it to ask the young guy to talk to the manager, the people in front of us were young looking and were not asked for their ID at all. We asked the young guy for a manager and found out the lady from box office was her and she waved very ignorantly and was like "Im right here". We went back to grab the ID and were told the movie wasnt even showing because of a power outage. The young guy happened to be misinformed, because we asked for the manager and she pulled up the tickets. Shes very lucky the movie was still showing.Very displeased with this theater. Needless to say we will be watching our movies elsewhere:)


Timothy Delk

I walked into the movies and went up to the snack booth and ordered a pretzel and was told that dont have hot food? I am the kind of patron who likes to have food with my movie. Yeah ,weird right? So I went to the front and asked for my money back and was told that they have hot dogs and popcorn by a manger.Wait a minute hot dogs and popcorn are hot food? I thought I might be wrong. So I googled "Hot Dog". The there it was. Right in the front of "Dog"( the First three letters). Go ahead and figure it out on your own, I will give you a moment. . . . .. Got it, good. If the company does not want to sell food. Just let people know that they have no interest in selling food to customers because they want to go home. I gave the review 4 stars because I will be back. But was slightly disappointed. I would recommend bringing your own food in if it werent frowned upon by the establishment. So in retrospect if you want to spend extra money at Lynnhaven AMC come early so you wont be an inconvenience.


Angela Mueller

I go in the summer and while watching a movie I am so uncomfortably cold I cant enjoy the movie. I go in the winter and I have the same experience and even after speaking with a supervisor and requesting the heat be turned on he said he would adjust the temperature but it may take a little while because of the size of the room. Well, I sat through the rest of the movie ( The Hunger Games, very long) and still was freezing to the point my nose was as cold as a dogs. I will never return. If this was an isolated incident it wouldnt be such an issue but I go there a lot and no matter what the season it is freezing cold in the theater and they dont do anything about it. I will drive a few extra miles and go to the Military Circle Mall to see a movie for a lot less price and I dont have to be so uncomfortable watching a movie.


Katherine Traylor

We live in Portsmouth. But we always went to this theater because it was our favorite. The last time I went, 3 people who worked there stopped me inside and told me that I couldnt have my Service Dog in there. And he always goes with me. The third person who stopped me and told me that, proceeded to question me to death about if he can sit through a movie and if he will disturb everyone, etc. She was very rude and isnt allowed to ask all of these questions. We were almost late to our movie! And guess what my SERVICE DOG did during the movie? Not a thing! He lay down and kept quiet like always. I will never go here again. By the way, he had his service dog uniform on. It is bright red, says service dog, and has a bright red stop sign that says he is working and do not pet. RUDE employees.


Kelvin Rondon

Horrible experience brought my son to see a movie and asked if my son can see it and they said he could went in there and horrible scary movie tryed to cslm him down and he was most of the movie its infurno horrible movie for kid not for kids the bs and then manager got mad and red when talking with me and i was calm and just talking the manager in charge was horrible i think his name was andy or aby i dont remember and i dont know how someone can manage likt that ... i would like if the area manager or the Gm of this llocation would contact me Asap when he sees this message....... by the was was only me my ssn and 2 or 3 other couples in there at the time....


Stephanie Schiffman Marushia

This is all personal preference, but I feel the popcorn is better at AMC than Regal. Regal Strawbridge is a favorite due to the reclining seats which AMC doesnt have and being able to reserve your seat in advance. Despite my love of those features at Regal, we still tend to prefer AMC. The Stubs rewards program is great and if you are doing dinner and a movie, there are discounts you can get if you eat at the Unos right across from the theater (no driving required). We tend to opt for Regal if its going to be a sold out show and want the reserved seating, but 4 times out of 5 we will go to AMC. Make sure you hit the Pokestop on your way in!

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