Our Pastors and Staff (2023)

Our Pastors and Staff (1)

Kathy Akins




Kathy has enjoyed working in the church office part time since 2021, assisting in a variety of ways: answering the phones, constructing the weekly prayer reminders, keeping track of office supplies, and anything else needed that day.

I am most interested in Theology. I love learning about God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Kathy also enjoys swimming, pickleball, shooting hoops, playing the Cajon (drum),

and watching movies from the 40’s-50’s.

Our Pastors and Staff (2)

Sara Bunn

Creative Director



Sara joined church staff in 2019, working a few hours each week to manage the church website, email newsletter, app, social pages, and assist with print and communications for special projects and events.

“I amgrateful to collaborate with a wonderful team of people who sincerely love the Lord and enjoyserving our church family. It is a blessing to hear the prayers of our pastors and staff during theweekly staff meeting.”

Sara enjoys serving the church in this way, along with her digital communications work with Capitol Ministries.

Sara grew up as an Army Brat in Germany where she came to know the Lord as a teenager and developed a heart for serving in any way God guides, especially in the little, unseen ways, “until the whole world hears” (Matthew 24:14).

“I initially found out about Immanuel by looking it up online maaaaaany years ago, so it is fun that this has come full circle. :)”

Sara met Peter here, in Immanuel’s “College Bereans” class in 2003, and they have one sonJesse. Some things they enjoy: homeschooling, geocaching, disc golf, traveling, playing games with friends and family.

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Our Pastors and Staff (3)

Paul Dreiling

Church Administration/Missions Director



Paul serves as Immanuel’s Church Administrator and Missions Director.

Our Pastors and Staff (4)

April Baez

Assistant to the Pastor



As a work-from-home mom, April’s routine variesfrom day to day, but she mostly spends mornings serving churches, helping them to serve their communities with various administrative tasks.

I love what I do because I am constantly reassuredthat God has placed me here for this purpose. He has guided my steps. It’s exciting and rewarding!

April also loves a good Target & Starbucks run, playing with her daughter, or completingvirtual marathons.

April resides in New York with her husband, Peter, and they have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter, Evie.

(Video) Dr. Tim Lane - Counseling our pastors or pastoral staff

Our Pastors and Staff (5)

Gary Chaulklin

Technology Director


Gary supports staff with computer issues, acquires and maintains church technology equipment (such as computers, backup systems and network equipment) and works on projects such as the move of the sanctuary audio/visual operation to its new location.

“This is the best job I have ever had. I enjoy the variety of technology here at Immanuel. But the best part is working with the staff. They are a joy!”

In his spare time, Gary also enjoys playing chess and reading. You may know Gary’s wonderful wife, Liza, and their children, Rachel, Matthew, and Joshua.

Our Pastors and Staff (6)

Christina Kinder

Administrative Assistant



You can expect to see Christina here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to answer questions,point members to the proper resources on our staff and assist in keeping member and church information updated.

Every day is different and I am enjoying assisting members and working with this wonderful staff, they are truly a blessing.

Christina is a native of West Virginia who has lived in the Richmond area for the last 20 years and attended IBC since January 2013. She earned an Accounting degree from Marshall University and has worked in financial services for Dominion, Chesapeake Engineering and New Kent County. Christina was raised in a Christian home and attended church her entire life, but came to realize she had not placed her trust in Jesus as her Savior during her early 30’s and got saved and baptized at that time. She and John have brought up two children, Julia and Robb, who both still reside in Virginia.

I enjoy time with family, playing golf, hiking, board games, and have been playing indoor soccer with some fellow IBCers which has become a highlight of my week. I also enjoy the Crossroads Ministry, spending time with the college and career age group, which has been encouraging and inspiring. They keep me growing and seeking to be more like Christ.

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Our Pastors and Staff (7)

Judi Bowman

Financial Admin



Judi joined our Immanuel staff in 2019 as a part-time Administrative Assistant.

You can expect to see Judi here a couple of days a week to answer questions,point members to the proper resources on our staff and assist in keeping church information updated. She will greet you with a smile whether in person, on the phone or via email.

“I am delighted to have a supporting role to the work that is happening in the body of Christ here at Immanuel!”

Judi attended Virginia Commonwealth University, which is what brought her to Richmond. She spent 10 years in corporate interior design and space planning and more recently has been working in the hospitality industry at the Country Club of Virginia. She brings unique experience and skills to this role as a result.

In her spare time, Judi enjoys creating art of all kinds, spending time outdoors—walking, camping, gardening, discovering, and being with her family making the best memories together. She and her husband, Rennie, are privileged to be able to homeschool their four kids as they seek to raise children who would follow and honor God.

Our Pastors and Staff (8)

Liz Dillon

Music Ministry Director


(Video) Day 10 - Our Pastors and Church Staff

Liz started as a junior church pianist at 12 years old. By 15, she was regularly playing for worship services. All of her early music teachers were church musicians, which she considers a great blessing. Along the way, Liz learned to play woodwind instruments, percussion, and organ. She is a 1991 graduate of Bob Jones University in piano pedagogy. She learned choir leadership under the direction of Dr. Fred Coleman at BJU and Mr. Larry Carrier at Morningside Baptist Church.

Liz’s music ministry experience includes teaching music to students of all ages in studio, classroom, and choir settings, serving as church pianist at Community Baptist Church in Bradenton, Florida, and leading as Music Director at Evangel Baptist Church in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Liz also organized the church music as she and Jon planted LifeSpring Baptist Church in Arkansas.

All of her training and experience prepared Liz for a role as Immanuel’s Music Director.

Mondays and Sundays are my busy days, at IBC. Monday morning begins with Staff prayer and planning meetings, then I spend time studying the Pastor’s upcoming message text, so the worship music may complement the sermon. From there, I choose music, arrange for the musicians and rehearsal times, prepare copies of music for each musician, and make the projection for each service. Toward the end of the week, I wrap up final details and set up the order of service, and make sure things are ready for Sunday. Sunday is the day of action! I arrive extra early, to make sure things are up and running, before rehearsals with the worship team prior to Sunday School. Lots of other rehearsals happen on Sunday morning and evening, also, including choir.

In her spare time, Liz enjoys bakinga lot!and exercising, outdoors if possible.

Liz is married to Pastor Jon. They have three young adult children, Josh, Amanda and Julianne, and one granddaughter!

Our Pastors and Staff (9)

Scott Morris

Church Facilities Director



Scott Morris started working with Immanuel in 2014, working on painting and cleaning projects throughout the church and annex. His work on the church facilities team began in 2018 and has now taken the lead as Church Facilities Director.

A typical day for Scott includes cleaning and setting up rooms across the whole church for a wide variety of activities and events.He is responsible for maintaining the entire facility and makes sure all is functioning properly, making minor repairs where necessary. He coordinates daily with staff, church leaders, and church members in preparation for activities and events and welcomes you to send him a message when needed.

“I enjoy serving our IBC family and love to see people enjoying fellowship together, worshiping the Lord.”

Scott also enjoys spending time with his wife, Laura; their dog, Harrison (such a good boy!); and cat, Gracie.

(Video) Undercover Pastor: (Ep. 1) The Children's Ministry

“Laura and I enjoy many outdoor activities including kayaking, hiking and bicycling. I’m also an avid fan of many University of Virginia Cavaliers sports.”


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