Our Staff — Immanuel Baptist Church (2023)

Our Pastoral Staff

Our Staff — Immanuel Baptist Church (1)

Steven Meriwether, Pastor

Steven H. Meriwether became the pastor of Immanuel on May 1, 2008. Steven came to Immanuel from St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he served as senior pastor for 15 years.

A native Nashvillian, Steven grew up in the farming community of Una near Percy Priest Lake. After graduating from McGavock High School, he received a Bachelor of Science degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro. In 1985 he received his Master of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Prior to pastoring St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church, Steven served at Knollwood Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina - first as minister for youth and families, then as associate pastor. During his years in seminary he also served at Hiseville Baptist Church in Hiseville, Kentucky, and Boulevard Baptist Church of Anderson, South Carolina.

Steven has long been a mission-minded pastor, having led his St. Charles Avenue congregation through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Shortly before leaving New Orleans to come to Immanuel, he led a group of volunteers in building a house for a Katrina survivor in the 9th Ward.

Pastor Steven serves on the board of directors of Insight Counseling Centers. In his spare time, he enjoys farming, gardening, and walking.

Email Pastor Steven at smeriwether@ibcnashville.org

Our Staff — Immanuel Baptist Church (2)

Stephanie Wyatt, Associate Pastor

Stephanie Wyatt began her tenure at Immanuel on June 21, 2020. Stephanie previously served as the interim pastor at West Baptist Church in Oswego, NY.

Stephanie was born in Nashville and grew up in Knoxville. She graduated with a B.A. from the College Scholar’s program at the University of Tennessee before going on to earn an M.Div. from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC and a M.A. in Hebrew Bible from Vanderbilt. Stephanie completed her Ph.D. in Biblical Interpretation at Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University in May 2016. Throughout her educational career, Stephanie has been active in various ministry contexts, both as a professional and as a volunteer. Stephanie has also taught introductory Bible courses through a lay studies education program.

Stephanie cares deeply about Christian education and spiritual formation. She loves sharing stories of the Bible and coming up with creative ways for children of all ages to understand how their stories intersect with God’s story. Stephanie finds deep meaning in the liturgical year and how both the major (Christmas, Easter) and minor celebrations (Candlemas, Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day) help Christians make meaning throughout the seasons.

Stephanie is married to Adam DJ Brett with whom she loves trying new restaurants, traveling (particularly to Cape Cod), and entertaining their niece and nephew. In her free time Stephanie enjoys paper crafting, visiting museums, watching period dramas, and prowling through thrift shops and flea markets.

Email Pastor Stephanie at swyatt@ibcnashville.org

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Our Staff — Immanuel Baptist Church (3)

Tim Sharp, Minister of Music

Tim began his tenure at Immanuel on May 16, 2021.

Tim recently retired as the Executive Director of The American Choral Director’s Association based in Oklahoma City. He has had a full career of music experiences, including director of choral activities at Belmont University and dean of Fine Arts at Rhodes College, as well as various church music leadership positions.

Tim is a graduate of Belmont University and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. At Belmont, Tim studied under Dr. Jerry Warren and Dr. Richard Shadinger. Later as a Belmont professor, Tim had a couple of current IBC choir members in his classes. It was these connections and friendships that brought Tim to be guest musician at Immanuel’s “Christmas Connections” service in December 2020, and later to the attention of the Personnel Committee.

Tim is married (Jane) and has one adult daughter (Emma). The Sharps have built a house in Montgomery County with land to farm and are glad to be back in Middle Tennessee.

(Video) Immanuel Baptist Church - 11:00 AM Service

Contact Tim at tsharp@ibcnashville.org

Richard Shadinger, Organist

Richard Shadinger has been a member of Immanuel since 1974 and organist since 1981.

A native of Carrollton, Georgia, Richard earned the Bachelor of Music degree from Shorter College and the M.C.M. and D.M.A. degrees from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary School of Church Music. He retired from Belmont University in 2018, having served as Professor of Music in the School of Music since 1974.

An accomplished musician in the Nashville community, Richard is often heard playing Belmont University’s 43-bell carillon. He is an active member of Nashville's chapter of the American Guild of Organists.

At Immanuel, Richard has served as a deacon, deacon chair, preschool Sunday School teacher, committee member, and coordinator of the Immanuel Book Club. He especially appreciates the supportive family of faith and the meaningful worship tradition he has experienced at Immanuel.

Richard is married to Marilyn and together they have two married children. Sylvia and her husband, Ben Bridges, live in Macon, Georgia, with their two sons, Wilson and Henry. James and Cameron Shadinger live nearby in Nashville with their daughters, Elise and Laris, and their son, Cade.

Contact Richard at richardshadinger@gmail.com

Office Staff

Debbie Maxwell


Debbie Maxwell is Immanuel's Editor and Financial Secretary. She is also a committed Immanuel volunteer, helping each year with the Boulevard Bolt.

A native of Paducah, Kentucky, Debbie earned a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri. She was a copywriter for the Baptist Sunday School Board and director of Immanuel's Parents' Day Out program before starting in her current role in 1986.

Debbie and her spouse, Larry, are parents to Todd (Holly), Adam (Jesse), and Emily (Brandon) and grandparents to Claire, Ellie, Campbell, and Lyla. Debbie loves being a grandmother ("one of the few things in life that can't be overrated!").

Debbie and Larry are active Immanuel members. Whether she's working in the office, singing in the choir, playing handbells, teaching preschoolers in Sunday School, or organizing for the BOLT, Debbie loves the family atmosphere she's found at Immanuel.

Contact Debbie at dmaxwell@ibcnashville.org

Ann Conn


Ann Conn is our Thursday secretary. She has grown up in Nashville and now resides in Williamson County with her husband, Jimmy. Ann was born into the fellowship of Immanuel Baptist Church and has been a member of the church her entire life.

Ann is a retired teacher from Williamson County schools, having taught first grade at Scales Elementary School for 26 years. She now enjoys sharing her love for children with her 7 grandchildren: Melissa, Lauren, Edmond, Bennett, Ian, Greyson, and Brooks. Two of her children, Katy (married to Troy) and Lissa (married to Brandon), are also members of Immanuel. Her son (married to Allison) lives in Orlando, Florida.

Ann loves the feel of family at Immanuel, not only of having her own family around her, but of her church family as well. She feels the warmth and support is exceptional.

Ann earned a Bachelor of Arts from Vanderbilt University, where she met her husband, Jimmy, and she received her Certificate of Elementary Education from Peabody College, now a part of Vanderbilt University.

Ann is enjoying her days of retirement. When she is not working on Thursday, she enjoys gardening, helping with her grandchildren, reading, travelling to baseball games, the mountains, and the beach.

Contact Ann at aconn@ibcnashville.org

Jenny Dean

Financial Secretary

Jenny Dean has served as Financial Secretary since 2016. After growing up in Iowa City and attending the University of Iowa, she moved to Nashville where she worked many years at a local accounting firm. She began attending Immanuel in 1989 where she and Scotty married. They have two children, Christopher and Rebecca. She has been active in the church community from teaching Sunday school and Vacation Bible School, supporting the youth group, and serving on various committees. Jenny says that Immanuel has always been central to her life and has cherished her time there.

Jenny’s greatest joy in life has been taking care of her family. She enjoys baking, knitting, and hanging out with her French Bulldog, Henri. She has a special love for black & white photography, mostly modern architecture and has spent many hours in the darkroom developing and printing her own work. These days she has traded in her film for a different art, letterpress printing. She loves spending time in her letterpress studio where she prints on an antique Chandler & Price printing press.

Contact Jenny at jdean@ibcnashville.org

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Michelle Fernandes, PDO Director

Michelle Fernandes serves as the Director of Immanuel Parent’s Day Out. She graduated from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri with a B.B.A. in Marketing and a B.B.A. in Management. She has served in marketing positions at the Bank of New Mexico, HCA Healthcare and most recently offers graphic design and marketing services through her own company, fernandesRM. While in New Mexico, Michelle also served Evangel Christian Center as Assistant Youth Minister while teaching in their school at Evangel Christian Academy.

For six years prior to being PDO Director, Michelle served as one of Immanuel PDO’s older classroom teachers. She enjoys partnering with parents and leadership to foster healthy growth development for each PDO student. She focuses on instilling joy, love, creativity and structure, while providing a safe learning environment. Michelle is thankful for God’s rich blessings throughout her life with opportunities to teach children, youth and young adults.

Michelle’s husband, Roncie, and she have lived in Nashville for over 20 years. They stay busy with their three daughters, Briana (15), Isabella (12), Alexandria (9), and their beloved goldendoodle, Duke (3). They are huge Tennessee Titan and Nashville Predators fans and can often be found on a soccer field. They love to travel to the mountains here in Tennessee, different states around the US and abroad.

Contact Michelle at mfernandes@ibcnashville.org

Beryl Vick, Minister of Music Emeritus

Beryl Vick, Jr. served Immanuel as Minister of Music from 1968 until 2002. Upon retirement, Beryl was named Minister of Music Emeritus.

A native of Oklahoma and Texas, Beryl earned a Bachelor of Music from Oklahoma Baptist University and a Master of Sacred Music from New Orleans Seminary. Prior to his tenure at Immanuel, Beryl served churches in Florida and Alabama. Throughout his career, Beryl has served as an adjunct professor, denominational leader, and prolific composer of church music, with compositions and arrangements published by numerous companies.

Beryl is married to Pat. They have two grown children, Mark and Jennifer, and love to spend time with their grandkids. Beryl and Pat remain active in leadership at Immanuel. After many years, their love for Immanuel endures. Beryl directs the Brass Ensemble. Beryl and Pat coordinate Immanuel's Senior Adult Ministry.

Beryl fills up his retirement with regular tee times, good books, fishing, and Vanderbilt Commodore home games.

Contact Beryl at bvickjr@bellsouth.net

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