Preschool Staff — First Baptist Waynesboro (2023)


Carrie Jones

Preschool Staff — First Baptist Waynesboro (1)

Mrs. Jones has worked at FBC Preschool since 2015, and took on the role of Director in July, 2019. Mrs. Jones was born and raised in Waynesboro and received her B.A.from Mary Baldwin College and her master's in Museum Studies/Education from Baylor University. It was in museum education that Mrs. Jones first studied the importance of learning through play for young children and the importance of hands-on learning for people of all ages!

Mrs. Jones came to First Baptist Preschool initially when she enrolled her daughters. She loved the “family” atmosphere so much that she later started working as a staff member in the 2-year-olds class, the 3-year-olds class, and finally the 4-year-olds class. Mrs. Jones loves working at FBC Preschool where “we let children be children and discover the world around them in the ways they naturally learn - through play.” She loves being able to make a positive impact on the lives of the families and children at FBC Preschool and serving them as part of the mission outreach of First Baptist Church.

Mrs. Jones is married to her college sweetheart, Steven Jones, and has two daughters. Mrs. Jones loves watching movies as a family, swimming in her pool with friends and family, and eating Kline’s ice cream!

mailto:'' |540-942-2253

Preschool Floating Teaching Assistant

Sarah Leech

Preschool Staff — First Baptist Waynesboro (2)

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Mrs. Leech serves as the preschool's floating teaching assistant and assists any teacher/class as needed.

She attended Montreat Anderson College where she majored in Elementary Education. She has served First Baptist Church Weekday Preschool for many years as both a teacher and teaching assistant. She has also taught at Reveille Preschool in Richmond.Mrs. Leech also worked for the Department of Social Services for 7 years.

First Baptist Church Weekday Preschool is near and dear to Mrs. Leech's heart and she feels that this preschool is "her third child" in many ways. Supporting not only the children, but also their families is very important to Mrs. Leech. We know the what our preschool means to her and we know what she means to our preschool.

Mrs. Leech has 2 sons, Ben and Daniel and 2 grandsons. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling when she can and promoting the arts at the Wayne Theater.

2 Year Old Class (Tuesday and Thursday)

Mrs. Emily Breeden (LEAD TEACHER)

Preschool Staff — First Baptist Waynesboro (3)

Emily grew up outside of Staunton in Augusta County. She attended Eastern MennoniteUniversity and Blue Ridge Community College. Besides being blessed with a loving natural family, she is grateful for her church family at Hebron Presbyterian. She has lived in Waynesboro for nine years and worked for Waynesboro Public Schools for the last fouryears. Emily and her husband, Jonathan, have two sons, Walker and Micah.

Emily could have been spotted before in Waynesboro as a teller at DuPont CreditUnion and a server at Waynesboro Country Club.

Emily enjoys walking, yoga, kayaking, trail biking, camping, and attending live music concerts. She is thrilled to be a part of the First Baptist preschool team and she also works part-time for La Sunflower Organic Body Care Solutions.

Mrs. Linda McCollum (Teaching Assistant)

Preschool Staff — First Baptist Waynesboro (4)

Mrs. McCollum is a recent resident of Waynesboro after living in the Tidewater region for 35 years. She moved here to be closer to her two daughters that live in Central Virginia. Mrs. McCollum has a Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Upon graduation she landed her first job in Virginia, and has lived in the state ever since!

She says that her best life teachers have been her three children: Moriah, Zachary, and Lianna. All three have different learning styles and very different personalities. As they are all grown up now, she believes that she will be pouring her parenting knowledge and experience into your children. This will enrich their lives here at First Baptist Preschool.

Prior to arriving in Waynesboro, Mrs. McCollum was the Children’s Sunday School Director for three years at Family Bible Church in Virginia Beach. She was also lead teacher for Children’s Sunday School and Vacation Bible School classes for many years. These experiences are some of her fondest memories.

In her spare time, she enjoys exploring with her husband J. Cooking, gardening, and reading rank high on her list of favorite pastimes. Believe it or not, she also enjoys cleaning! A good trait for being an assistant teacher in the 2’s classroom, wouldn’t you say?

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Preschool Staff — First Baptist Waynesboro (5)

3 Year Old Classes

Mrs. Erin Harlow (LEAD TEACHER for 3 year olds, Mon.-Fri.)

Mrs. Harlow studied at Radford University where she majored in education. After leaving Radford, she was employed at Ashland Y.M.C.A. as their Child Care, Youth and Family Director.

She enjoys serving the community as an educator. She says that the joy she shares with her young students is what she values most about teaching. Stop by and you will see that her classroom is certainly a joyful place!

Mrs. Harlow was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, but made her way to Virginia to attend college.Her husband, Brent, is a native of Waynesboro and they are thrilled to be raising their two girls, Lily and Morgan here.

She loves gardening and making pizzas with the girls. She and her husband also stay busy with home projects that they design themselves.

Preschool Staff — First Baptist Waynesboro (6)

Mrs. Ashley Sherman (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs. Sherman is the teaching assistant in Mrs. Harlow's classroom. Prior to working with our 3 year old class, Mrs. Sherman was a parent volunteer and a substitute teacher for our preschool.Mrs. Sherman holds an Associate's Degree in Psychology. She has also worked as a Patient Care Technician for Augusta Health.

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She says that she enjoys teaching preschool children skills that will help them to be successful now and in the future and that "it's wonderful having fun with children and being silly with them." We know the children will love having fun with her too.

Mrs. Sherman and her husband, Wray, are raising their sons Kellen and Bryce right here in her own hometown. In her free time, she enjoys being with family and friends, participating in outdoor activities and indoor crafts and attending concerts.

Preschool Staff — First Baptist Waynesboro (7)

Mrs. Andrea Walgren (LEAD TEACHER for 3 year olds, Mon./Wed./Fri.)

Mrs. Walgren grew up in the Tidewater, Virginia area and attended college in North Carolina, at Chowan University. She moved to the Waynesboro area in 2013 with her husband, Joe, and their three children. After homeschooling her youngest for preschool, Mrs. Walgren volunteered extensively in her children’s classrooms for math and reading groups and the PTO.

Mrs. Walgren believes that children learn best through play in a nurturing, supportive environment. She is looking forward to using her creativity to make this year a year filled with fun and adventures!

Mrs. Brittnie Crabtree (Teaching Assistant for 3 year olds,Mon./Wed./Fri.)

Preschool Staff — First Baptist Waynesboro (8)

Mrs. Crabtree works with Mrs. Walgren in our 3 year old classroom. She previously worked in our 2 year old class, and she was a parent volunteer and a substitute teacher for our preschool. Mrs. Crabtree attended Blue Ridge Community College while taking Pharmacy Tech classes.

She says that she "loves FBC Preschool" and feels very close to everyone here because her girls attended our preschool. We love that she treats every child like her own.

Mrs. Crabtree and her husband, Corey, have twin girls, Lorali and Avery and a sweet pup named Huck. She loves her family and friends, her church and Bible study group, reading , going to the beach, and staying active with her daughters.

4 Year Old/Pre-Kindergarten Classes

Joyce Cooke (LEAD TEACHER)

Preschool Staff — First Baptist Waynesboro (9)

Joyce spent 30 years as a Preschool Teacher in Waynesboro with the majority of the time teaching 4’s and Pre-K. After a few years of semi-retirement, she decided she really wanted to be in a classroom again.

She and her husband Rob have 3 grown children, 4 grandchildren, 2 cats, a chocolate lab named Maggie and a new white lab puppy named Salty. She also has a small flock of chickens.

In her spare time she loves taking photographs, crafts/painting, recycling junk, and travel.

Joyce is very happy to be a part of the preschool staff and looks forward to meeting all of our preschool families!

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Mrs. Sheri Hicks (LEAD TEACHER)

Preschool Staff — First Baptist Waynesboro (10)

Mrs. Hicks is a veteran public school teacher and former teacher and aide at the preschool. We are excited to have her back with us this school year!

Mrs. Hicks loves gardening, volunteering at First Baptist Church, and visiting her 3 granddaughters in the Pacific Northwest.

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